It´s really worth it to visit STUDIO if… An enchanting spot in Prague´s centre will surprise you with its solitude and greenery. For you and WITH YOU Ivana Follová WILL SUGGEST OR CHOOSE A MODEL ACCORDING TO YOUR DESIRES AND WISHES. IN THE STUDIO you also may try out VARIOUS OFF-THE-PEG MODELS AND ACCESSORIES – one-off fashion jewellery, jewels, straps, bags handbags…


Ivana Follová´s Fashion show

Braník Theatre, Prague

We will have the pleasure of welcoming favourite Czech actresses and singers such as Ilona Svobodová, Vendula Křížková, Jitka Ježková, Zuzana Slavíková, Renata Drossler, BáraBasiková or world-famous mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková. 

You can look forward to enjoying a preview from a project created by Ivana Follová and photographer Petr Našic. The project is based on a conversion of abstract photo motifs on textile, which has created an unique collection.  

Tickets (490CZK) can be reserved at, you can also call +420 602 542 969 till 11/18/2016 the latest or purchase tickets on-line at

Lost in translation | 2015

Ivana Follová´s Fashion show

An author fashion show of prominent Czech fashion designer Ivana Follová took place on 12/2/2015 in unique premises of Cargo Gallery (called A boat full of Art) that anchors at Prague embankment near the Palacký Bridge.


The whole show was ushered in by a performance by the world famous mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková. She cut a dash by performing the hit song Summertime and her renowned aria form Bizet´s opera Carmen. The tight programme was hosted by actress Ilona Svobodová who shared their funny mutual disturbing experiences from youth. Ivana Follová´s unconventional outfits were presented by former models that met there over the years especially for this boat show. The show was livened up by popular actresses staring in Ulice series (Anna Fixová, Jana Bernášková, Šárka Vaculíková, Lenka Zahradnická, Jana Sováková, Kristána Leichtová). All together they created an effective live picture at the end of the programme.   

The title of Ivana´s collection refers to an Oscar winning movie by American director Sofia Coppola. “The story is about an unexpected understanding and I think this is what is significant for my work, she explains“. “My focus is to approach clients from different age groups and different social classes – from show business stars and businessmen and top managers to women and men of common occupations. Also, the movie is set in Japan and the local culture with its purity, craftiness and ambiguity creates some of the founding stones of my inspiration, she specifies. The collection´s title LOST IN TRANSLATION also draw attention to detailed tailoring of every model that is shown in crafted game with folds and hidden details.

Please see photos here :

Take on board a wedding sportingly | 2011

Prague Fashion Weekend 2011 – a wedding collection. Ivana Follová dressed up wedding guests, bridesmaids, the bride herself and the entire wedding in silk and artificial flowers. On to the catwalk they were introduced by our football icons Karel Poborský, Vladimír Šmicer and Horst Siegl.

Comebackblack | 2010

COMEBACKBLACK collection is my homage to the ever-returning colour black. It is my vision of a confrontation of exact straight lines and approximate curves.
Soft three-dimensional materials with plastic flowers alternate with a taffeta with a mysterious strip...
It is a societal set allowing a woman to engage in a few witty combinations.
I used several type sof 2D materials as well as a range of fine smooth fabrics – above all silk.
From a small black series with an unobtrusive stress on black right through to a flowing gown.
In this COMEBACKBLACK collection every woman can possibly find a model which adapts itself to her body. 


Alaska | 2007

Ivan Leiše´s large-scale photograph prints are the basis of this collection. Supplemented by a white/black silk organza and a grey wave.

Fragments | 2006

key words:
haste, arbitrariness, being torn apart, predestination, contrasts, effect, unlimited

inspiration, vision:
Lightly shaded silhouette like a sketch drawing...
Pleat like stacked-up paper, wraps like crumpled up leaf...
Body wrapped in fabric, enmeshed in a ribbon like a creeper...
Torso hemmed-in by a shell...
Material which gently covers a body and from which the body struggles out into the light...
Linked by buckles like the teeth of aliens...
Adorned by fur as a traditional symbol of wealth...

Fifty | 2006

Not by chance does Ivana Follová´s collection return to the 1950´s. The designer was born in 1955 and in the autumn of 2005 celebrated her 50th birthday. She decided to make use of all these ´fives´... In world fashion the 1950´s meant grace, return to luxury and gentle femininity.

Corsets | 2005

Ivana Follová´s collection for 2005 is based on an extremely diligent choice of materials (above all various type sof silk and fine leather) as well as on the central motif of  ´inter-weaving´. Suggestively colours and shapes interconnect, stripes, flowers, urban fashion vis á vis societal...

Extra | 2002

Last century... | 1993 - 1999

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