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Dovolenou máme i v ateliéru

Milé zákaznice, kamarádky, 
během července a srpna je provoz ateliéru omezen z důvodů dovolených. 
Prosíme domluvte si návštěvu předem na telefonu 777 553 666. 
Těšíme se na Vás a přejeme příjemné léto. 



Designer Ivana Follová loves to work with silk – from the almost invisible chiffon right through to Royal satin, she also creates designer outfits from other natural materials and from new technologically attractive fabrics. Every outfit with the designer label if…is an original, an unique piece of clothing.

In her showroom she offers an enchanting elegance of evening or wedding dresses, costumes, practical town wear as well as free-time design.Made-to-order wear ensures perfect tailoring workmanship. The overal style encompasses unique jewellery, belts, handbags and accessories from well-established Czech artists.

Ivana Follová always attempts to put the stress on individuality and supports the self-esteem of each of her customers. That, too, is the reason why her work is favoured by many creative and singular women – artists, businesswomen..from around the world.


Sending of up-to-date information and novelties by e-mail.


Contact - Ivana Follová

Born in 1955, fashion designer and gallery manager.

+420 777 553 666
+420 222 211 357

Mezibranská 9
Praha 1, 110 00